Terp Wipes Trash Can

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Mini Trash Can
Includes 70 Wipes and 3 Sticks

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Every can comes filled with 70 wipes and 3 sticks.
“Keep the Stick off Your Stuff”

A small tabletop Terp Wipes® trash can. This can neatly hold all of your things.

These cans were made specially for Terp Wipes®. Each sports the Terp Wipes® yellow and brown.

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Weight 9.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


Terp Wipes

1 review for Terp Wipes Trash Can

  1. jgomez315 (verified owner)

    this thing is neat, holds a bunch of terp wipes. comes with a decent amount but you can fit more, it’s actually bigger than it seems. its about the size of a can of soda up to the bottom of the rim. the wheels work.

    honestly i love the wipes so much i just bought this random thing to support the company more than anything, but its actually pretty cool, and it looks better on your stash desk than the cardboard box. i keep mine in front of a little pyramid of the boxes.

    if you like these wipes at all and are a sucker for little functional smoking knick knacks, this is right up your alley. it would work great for long swabs too, and you could definitely fit both in here.

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